Aska is a Stockholm-based design studio working within the fields of stories and tales. Our series of shelves have been selected to participate at the Formex Swedish Design Talents 2018 and at the Talents section at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2019 – The global leading interior design arena.

It all started…

years ago really. At dinners, talking about different ideas and dream projects. One thing that got stuck, was our fascination for raw industrial material and how one can use it in a home as a functional interior element. How one can create something sensual and beautiful out of something that raw? The result is a series of shelves that are launching in August 2018. The shelves can be used as bedside shelves, in the hallway or in the bathroom. We are proud and excited to share this new usage of material and this versatile shelf.


We’ve been selected to participate at the Talents section at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2019

We will be showing our shelves, the half and full, together with some new add ons. For example, will be presenting options for the inserted shelf in new materials such as terrazzo, birch and walnut. We will also show an add on for using the shelf in kids room, to make it more fun for the little ones. Our son loves it!